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High Achieving Entrepreneurs...


rewire your sleep patterns and eliminate chronic fatigue & brain fog so you can show up powerfully in your career, relationship, and parenthood.

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 Your life isn't meant for you to feel too tired to carry out your Soul's vision.

"Juan is truly gifted! I've worked with many gurus, read works of many greats, tried quite a few modalities, so it really speaks to his work for me to have been as touched, moved, and impressed by his sessions! I'm so grateful! "

Jessica O.
Business Consultant and Marketer, Graphic Design.

"After only a few weeks into the program I am experiencing more joy, energy, connection and freedom in my life without compromising anything else I thought I was afraid to lose along the way. "

Connie M.
Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Acupuncturist, Business Owner

Does This Sound Familiar?

I Can't Shut My Mind Off At Night...


This is a VERY common challenge that I see many people stumble with. Luckily there's a solution. I'll share two effective tools to help you calm your mind before bed.

How To Finally Start 'Shutting Your Mind Off' Before Bed

Juan Miolan, CTNC

Holistic High-Performance Coach

Creator of The R.I.S.E Method

Your partner, career, and family don't require you to burn out in order to serve them...

They require your Alignment and Vitality.


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