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Move the needle forward a little bit each day. Some days you'll only be able to move a millimeter, other days you'll be able to move a mile.

Most days, you'll fall somewhere in between. The most important thing is that you decide to show up however you can each day.

Be unstoppable. Be extraordinary.

Mid Back Rotation (Tspine)

•Start in a crawling position.
•Place palm of hand on same side of face (as shown).
•Bring elbow to inside of opposite elbow and begin movement (as shown).
•2 rounds of 4 repetitions on each side.


Crawl Chunks

•Get in a crawling position.
• Lift knees off the ground one inch.
•Keep your core engaged (I like to cue it 'cough position'). Move your hand and foot forward at the same time.
•2 rounds of 4 repetitions on each side.


Modified Crab Reaches

•3 rounds of 3 repetitions on each side.
Go to your comfortable range of motion. If in doubt, always start at beginner level (see video below).


Wall Sprints

•Make sure the wall is sturdy.
•Act as if you are pushing a truck up a hill- total body tension.
•This can be done very fast or slow. Please begin with lower intensity then build up to reduce you risk of injury .
•3 rounds of 30 seconds on (at 50% effort) and 60 seconds off.


Be Unstoppable By Choosing Not To Stop

The Best Movements Are The Ones That You Will Actually Do. JUST MOVE.

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